Something really unique – mortarless look bricks

Construction of this truly unique home is coming to a close at Castle Hill where brickwork has been reinvented!  Not only is this a house of truly grand proportions in a prestigous location, it is also a significant construction project where we see ample examples of architectural risk and reward. The facade and much of…

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Fireplace Brick Tiles

This renovation of a classical Victorian style cottage required materials that complimented this old structure, whilst providing a suitable background for introducing modern interior elements. Continuing the textured Brick into the new renovation was a key ingredient of the design.   Using fireplace Brick Tiles for internal applications is a clean and quick method for…

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Conservation brick range launch

We produce our conservation bricks using traditional down draft kilns, slow & meticulous firing processes resulting in bricks which feature the same colours, shape & textures, you see in the old Solid Bricks manufactured throughout Melbourne over 100 years ago. We call these ‘Conservation’ Bricks and they enable you to capture the charm of antique…

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Cheap bricks leftover from recent projects

cheap bricks Andalucia staircase

If you have some time on your hands at the moment, it’s a perfect opportunity to get a small project completed with our cheap bricks. We have 5 pallets of the Andalucia and 5 pallets of the Santiago available. We can arrange delivery. All bricks will be priced at $1.00 + GST + delivery. These…

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Morton Park – stunning red handmade bricks anchor the site

Morton Park Blackburn render

Utilising red handmade bricks enabled this modern apartment building structure to integrate comfortably in this classical, inner eastern Melbourne neighbourhood. The rich, warm tones mimic the old red bricks used to build the shopping precinct last century. The Brick Tile is our Las Losas ‘Londres’ blend, Roman profile 240 x 40mm. Martino Leah and Ironside…

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Stunning building in Kew with Ibiza slimline white bricks

Ross St, Kew, Slimline Ibiza elevation

Construction has recently finished on this building at Kew in Melbourne. The architects cleverly juxtaposed a very layered lower storey with a striking upper storey. The unique layered look on the brickwork was achieved by offsetting every second course of white slimline bricks by around 10mm. Even though these bricks are extruded, they have a…

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Installation tips and advice for hand crafted brick tiles

These naturally produced,  building products, are like pieces of framing timber … where we expect there to be some subtle variation in density, shape and weight. Measures are in place during the production of these items, to govern their size however, some size variation is to be expected and is a genuine attraction of the…

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Borja JET by Tejas Borja now available in Australia

Paris Ocre roof

Terracotta tiles are a well known and loved product. Who hasn’t lived under a terracotta roof at some point in their life in Australia? That said, terracotta tiles have been content to be just that – a roof – and mostly red in colour. They have not sought new frontiers of architectural design. Unfortunately, largely…

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Grey hand-crafted bricks at Mathoura Rd

97 Mathoura Rd elevation

The development at Mathoura Rd was a great opportunity to showcase Creative Bricks’ capability. Grey hand-crafted bricks 500mm long. Easy! The challenge was to agree on a custom colour and deliver the bricks within 4 months to get the Figurehead team moving on the facade for this landmark development for MODA in the heart of…

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Malpesa Clay Pavers

Malpesa clay pavers

Keep your eyes peeled for our brochure shortly and updates to our website in relation to Malpesa’s clay pavers. These clay pavers are unique in terms of the colours available (white, grey and black), the fact that they come with attractive beveled edges and their slightly smaller London format. Over time, many people have adopted…

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