Grey hand-crafted bricks at Mathoura Rd

The development at Mathoura Rd was a great opportunity to showcase Creative Bricks’ capability. Grey hand-crafted bricks 500mm long. Easy! The challenge was to agree on a custom colour and deliver the bricks within 4 months to get the Figurehead team moving on the facade for this landmark development for MODA in the heart of Toorak.

Like all good projects, we started with samples. Samples delivered to the architectural team at Carr Design. A number of different grey hand-crafted bricks were considered and finally a preferred product agreed upon. Then came the fun part of sourcing the bricks to the tight specification.

We visited the plant with the Project Architect to sign-off the first production. We ate some ham. We enjoyed some great food. We checked the bricks again. Getting just the right colour was going to be a little difficult. Finally, after many discussions in English, Spanish, in the middle of the night, during the day, we got the production we were seeking. This called for some celebratory ham!

Once the production was controlled around the colour and texture we were seeking, now it was time to actually make the bricks! The initial development had taken a little longer than anticipated so now the pressure was on to make the bricks. Not just the bricks might I add. This project required slips for the driveway to save space and corner slips for the columns at the front. The slips were being fixed to both concrete and AFS walling type substrates which can be easily done with the right adhesives.

The first arrival was eagerly anticipated. Luke from Figurehead was tracking the boat they had sailed on and couldn’t understand why it was sitting in a port in China while we were saying they were about to dock! He didn’t realise that the bricks were transhipped in Singapore and were now in fact on another boat. Following the first delivery, we delivered every week for the next couple of months.

The final results were great. Moda was ecstatic with the bricks, Carr Design were happy with the outcome and Figurehead smashed through the brick laying and the mounting of the slips to produce a great building which is fully sold. The use of slips in the driveway made more space for vehicles. The smeared mortar joints were used to make a unique statement of style. The bricks themselves vary in colour depending on the light which is part of the truly incredible charm of hand-crafted bricks. A great facade is a great start to selling a project.

Got a tricky project that requires some thought, some innovation or just hard work? We love clay products and will do what we can to make your vision happen! Don’t hesitate to get in touch!