When you seek clean lines, crisp angles and the ultimate consistency in colours and performance, the Malpesa range of bricks is for you. Malpesa bricks are used all around the globe and the brand is known for its absolutely unique dry press bricks. They are made with such finely ground clays that they have a porcelain like appearance and will stand the test of time like no other dry press bricks you would have imagined. When laid with a mortarless look joint, they are the ultimate brick for clean, crisp and angular architecture.

The birthplace of these bricks is Bailen – in the deep south of Spain where the summers as hot as the siestas are long!

The unique geology of Europe, provides MALPESA with access to pristine, clean clays which permit them to manufacture remarkably bright, genuine whites that cannot be replicated in Australia. Conversely, this attribute of the European marketplace, provides us with genuine Black and Charcoal. This means you have access to shades of white and cream, or black and charcoal, that are truly mesmerising and are a unique reason why we purchase Spanish made Brick products.

This extensive range of light coloured Brick products, features bright whites and true creams that are inspired by the historic Spanish villages of Andalucia and Ibiza, on the Mediterranean. Each exotic colour variant, is manufactured in high precision, automated facilities that ensure the first and last Brick are the same colour, throughout the body of the product.

The MALPESA range features Extruded bricks, in a number of attractive dimensions, that are characterised by crisp, sharp, almost arissed edging, on clay Bricks that feature very little size variation in each batch and reliable, consistent colour. In addition, a deluxe Dry Press range is available that offers a truly unique monolithic design perspective.