Terracotta roof tiles by Tejas Borja

For too long, the function of a roof has been its primary defining feature. But no longer is this the case. This ground-breaking range of tiles from Tejas Borja changes what a roof will look like in two pivotal ways. Firstly, the Borja Jet designs are completely unique. They give you the flexibility to introduce the look of slate, cement, copper and other stone into your roof yet with the simplicity of terracotta. Secondly, with the unique 5XL format, you can not only improve the efficiency of laying tiles but also create a much cleaner look with fewer joins. So let’s make your roof more than a roof and make it beautiful and the highlight of your building…..and why not make it part of the façade as well?

Our terracotta tiles are born in Valencia – a cosmopolitan seaside hub known as the rightful birthplace of the paella.