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All of our projects are different.  They are all also architecturally inspired at their heart.  Whatsmore, our products are regularly used in is afterall their birthplace.  So we will pull together project summaries of the work we do to help you find the information you need about what is possible.  The project summaries from Spain are particularly detailed featuring architectural and engineering drawings.  They are extracted from a publication for architects about creative uses of bricks.  The main text is in both English and Spanish although you will find the drawings are only in Spanish.  We hope you enjoy them!

Get inspired!  Learn!  And by all means if you have questions that we can't answer, we'll happily find a way to connect you to an architect on the other side of the world who may be able to explain the detail of how they have achieved something.


Curved bricks make a basket weave

Roof tiles as a facade

Malpesa Santiago grey bricks Oporto

Malpesa Ibiza curved bricks

Clay pavers for public spaces

Artistry Residences Toorak.

Blanco Ibiza, Ross St, Kew

Fireplace hand made brick tiles

Morton Park, Blackburn Rd, Blackburn

Malpesa Santiago grey bricks Alicante

Irish Green Slate by Tejas Borja

Grey Clay Pavers by Malpesa


Creative Bricks Las Losas Catalogue 2015

Malpesa Catalog 2020

Tejas Borja Catalogue 2019

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