Borja JET by Tejas Borja now available in Australia

Terracotta tiles are a well known and loved product. Who hasn’t lived under a terracotta roof at some point in their life in Australia? That said, terracotta tiles have been content to be just that – a roof – and mostly red in colour. They have not sought new frontiers of architectural design. Unfortunately, largely to their detriment. The time to reconsider this perspective is now.

Much as the introduction of premium architectural bricks to the Australian market has revolutionised the architectural options available, the same is now possible with terracotta roof tiles. Tejas Borja have developed a range of premium terracotta tiles that reflect other materials….but they have done so using the underlying durability, reliability and flexibility of terracotta tiles – the Borja JET range. In addition, they have developed a truly unique tile – the Flat 5XL with only 5 tiles per square metre. The Flat 5XL allows you to achieve the cleanest look possible with a tiled roof and increase tiling efficiency at the same time.

Paris Ocre roof
Paris Ocre roof

The value of these design concepts was celebrated in 2018 when Tejas Borja were awarded the Red Spot design award. They are the only manufacturer of terracotta tiles ever to achieve this high honour.

Given that the designs of the Borja JET range are so unique and appealing, we are already seeing the application of these products as facades and wrap around roofing. Systems have been developed to facilitate mounting on walls instead of just walls so you will be pleased to know that this is possible should that appeal to you.

Creative Bricks are pleased to announce that samples are available of the unique Borja Jet range in the Flat10 and Flat 5XL formats in Sydney and Melbourne. After extensive market research, we decided that the products most suitable to our market are in fact the Leon, Sidney Graphite, Austin Grey, Tokyo Copper. Take a look and find out more!