Something really unique – mortarless look bricks

Construction of this truly unique home is coming to a close at Castle Hill where brickwork has been reinvented!  Not only is this a house of truly grand proportions in a prestigous location, it is also a significant construction project where we see ample examples of architectural risk and reward.

The facade and much of the interior are anchored in slender harmony by Malpesa's unique svelte mortarless look bricks in charcoal and grey.  There is no dry press brick in Australia that is crisper and cleaner because of its precise arrised edges and solid clay structure.

On most sites, the mortar joint appears lighter in colour than the brick itself.  Here we have discreet joints which are genuinely darker than the bricks.  This is evidenced with the grey bricks which are well suited to the interior colour scheme.

Similarly, the charcoal brick facade remains as dark as possible because there is no lighter coloured mortar to interfere with the consistency of colour. These unique Bricks also create a bold, monolithic appearance, similar to large slabs of stone.

Find out more and see more pictures on our product pages for our grey and black svelte bricks.  Or get in touch by calling 0466 438 633 or dropping us a note at [email protected].

Our thanks go to Alfonso Brunetta of Brunetta Homes for his patience to overcome all of the challenges which faced him in delivering this amazing job and also to Martin Driene of MD Brick for his ongoing support.