Estratum Malaga - Paris Elevation 1



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  • Estratum Malaga-Paris hit and miss
  • Estratum Malaga - Paris Elevation 1
  • Estratum Malaga Paris Elevation 2

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Technical Specifications

Dimensional parametersMalaga (Estratum)
Nominal dimensions (mm)500 x 40 x 100
Dimensional variation (mm)+- 8mm / +- 2mm / +- 3mm
Weight per brick (kg)4
Bricks per pack250
Weight per pack (kg)1000
Bricks per m236
Voids (%)N/A
Performance parameters
Unconfined characteristic compressive strength (f' uc ) (MPa)≥ 32
Cold water absorption (%)≤ 10
Initial rate of absorption (kg/m2 min)≤ 1.5
Potential for efflorescenceSlight
Durability classGP

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