Advantages of Bricks

Why Bricks?

There are many advantages of brick cladding over other options.  They are good-looking, high quality and durable – bricks are an attractive & smart choice with the flexibility to suit many designs. No ongoing maintenance is required, which means bricks will always look great!

In our tough climatic conditions, bricks perform highly. They are strong, can withstand fire damage and are resistant to termites and other local and environmental threats.

Environmentally-friendly, thermally-efficient bricks deliver long-term energy consumption benefits – we all know the feeling of walking into a double-brick house on a hot or cold day. Their materials themselves are easily sourced, with bricks made from plentiful clay and shale. Modern brick production is energy-efficient with its automated processes and advanced kilns, while energy invested in firing bricks is rapidly offset by their superior thermal properties.


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