Glynt Manor revival using Tejas Borja Terracotta Tiles

We recently visited the work site at Glynt Manor where we made our first deliveries of Tejas Borja tiles.  The Manor is undergoing a transformative renovation which is still in keeping with the original heritage nature of the building.  The Manor has operated as a high end B & B and wedding venue as well as being a home to many families over its 100+ year life.  Domain carried a great article on the building back in 2011 when it was on the market which chronicled the history of the building.

Tejas Borja tiles were selected for this job because of the unique Alicantina Litoral tile.  This is a traditional Marseille tile but which is provided in a unique blend of colours which include some ochre, burnt ochre, traditional terracotta, burnt terracotta and even some white sprayed tiles.  Overall it creates a much lighter look than most Marseille tiles.  The tiles will raise the roof metaphorically and create a lighter and coastal appearance for the traditional terracotta atop a beautiful gothic inspired mansion.

We hope to see this project completed at some time next year and in the meantime, if you want to view the full Tejas Borja catalogue, just go to our downloads page.