White slimline brick house in Sydney’s East

This home by Candalepas and Associates is another example of modern architecture created with brick.  We take our hats off to their team for the work that they have done to bring this beautiful home to life.  The primary façade material used was the Malpesa Ibiza white slimline bricks.

In the words of Candelapas Associates “Collaboration with the craftsmen on site produced some of the more unexpected and unique details. Reverse brick corbelling gives breath to the curve under a window detail. In another moment, bricks step incrementally out to support a window, producing fine striations of shadow. The same brick, laid face up and exposing its extrusions, paves the entry path and outdoor terrace.”  They are fine examples of the creative details that have been forgotten by many crafstmen.  These fine details are juxtaposed against the large and quite massive white side walls of the house.

The house has also been put together in a very sustainable manner.  The beautiful white walls will need limited maintenance.  The building will provide the occupants with passive thermal comfort given the double skinned brick walls and polished concrete floors.  Timber is also used in the exterior to highlight and contrast with the stunning white walls.  Stay tuned while we try to track down some better photographs.

Creative Bricks applauds the work done by Angelo and his team!  Chapeau!