Tejas Borja terracotta tiles

Creative  Bricks have recently commenced sale of the range of terracotta tiles available from Tejas Borja.  Tejas Borja are a family owned company who have been manufacturing terracotta tiles for over 150 years.  As you can imagine, they know a thing or two about terracotta tiles and beautiful clay products.

Our first shipment will be on its way soon.  One of our clients will be putting the beautiful Alicantina Litoral product in use on their rooftop. This blend of tiles has a beautiful mixture of ochre, terracotta, charcoal and ochre charcoal.  This is a colour combination that you won’t find made by too many local players or indeed international.  It is reminiscent of the older lighter coloured terracotta tiles that you will find around many parts of Sydney and Melbourne.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you think this product would suit your project!