Sleek, slim and sophisticated, our Svelte range of dry pressed bricks offer a truly different look.

With near perfect rectangular dimensions and a uniformity of colour, walls can be built to appear to have no mortar, with close-together faces and a solid stone-like presentation.  This is not achieved by chance.  This is achieved through the unique geometries of the bricks.  You can choose to have a mortarless look, or the look of floating brickwork.  Both styles have been a feature of Spanish buildings for many years and is a world renowned technology.

When Madrid’s world-famous Prado museum was extended, they turned to this exciting range of dry pressed bricks to achieve the desired quality, look and result. Make your own artistic statement with the innovative Svelte range.

Our unique mortarless look can be achieved quite comfortably onsite although some additional care is required, by using 3mm tile spacers it is a simple matter to achieve a good result.

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