Our brick look

Create your statement with our exciting new brick look


Smooth, stylish and creative …our exclusive range of high quality face bricks is characterised by fine grains and ultra-smooth finishes, previously difficult to find or simply unavailable in such a wide range in the Australian market. Our bricks come in slim and sleek European dimensions much more akin to the very traditional Roman dimensions which will give a different look to your project. Colour consistency is improved over domestic products meaning that unsightly variation is a thing of the past. And to top it all off, our bricks can be laid to give a mortarless brick look which is completely unique.

Distinctive colours….


Mortarless Look Walls!


Mortarless bricks made by our Spanish partner Malpesa were used on the extension of the Prado museum….

Better consistency in colours on large walls….

MU-007-foto viv en Lorca 6

Absolute consistency of colours in glazed bricks….


An ultra-smooth finish with Spanish dimensions giving a more sophisticated look…