Estratum Series – the ultimate slimline bricks

Utilising our same hand-crafting process we have explored the beauty of the Roman look and slimline bricks even further. These bricks represent the pinnacle of brick making and provide even more opportunity for interesting looks to add variety to your architecture.

This is the most modern application of hand-crafted brickmaking in European architecture achieved through the unique texture and dimensions of the bricks. In addition, the large formats of these bricks makes them faster to lay than shorter slimline bricks to help reduce your construction costs. Explore for yourself the opportunities that these bricks can create. You can create a very layered look, try wider mortar joints, work with completely different bond patterns and decide the level of colour variation you want.  And don’t stop there since these bricks can be used as pavers as well to create new patterns. The opportunities to explore are only limited by your imagination.

Standard Estratum Series dimensions are 500 mm x 40 mm x 100 mm. Other dimensions and shapes can be made to order. Other colours beyond this standard range can be also produced to order contingent on the size of requirements.

Estratum series slimline bricks - Valencia