Our partner brick manufacturers


Our foundation partner Malpesa is the largest of Spain’s clay brick manufacturers.  Their experience and knowledge has been developed over 100 years of single family ownership.  They have developed their business in Andalucia which is known throughout Spain and the world for their expertise in ceramics.  They have applied their knowledge and passion to the development of their current manufacturing facilities which have the capability of producing 400,000 tonnes of bricks and pavers.  While their products are new to Australia, they have years of experience exporting to Japan, Hong Kong, North Africa, the Middle East.  In short, they have a range that stands up across the world and have a reputation as one of the highest quality brick manufacturers.  Malpesa are the manufacturers of our Sierra range.

Las Losas

The Las Losas business has been in the ceramics industry for over 60 years. It is based near Toledo which remains one of the principal regions for ceramic production in Spain. The Barrios family have steered the business since the 1990’s. Since that time, they have more than doubled the work-force of the business and commenced export activities. This has been made possible because of their dedication to product innovation in bricks and brick tiles which is revolutionising the manufacture of these products in Spain. They now export their products all over Europe and the world.  Las Losas are the manufacturer of our Tierra range.


The Flexbrick business was founded 10 years ago to commercialise an innovative ceramic construction technology developed by an architect in Barcelona.  Flexbrick is based in Barcelona which remains a leading centre in European architecture.  The business is a joint venture between Ceramica Malpesa and Piera Ecoceramica.  Both of these companies are experts in the manufacture of high quality ceramics for use in construction.  Flexbrick have been awarded numerous prizes for innovation and many of their projects have been awarded prestigious prizes for design.  They have used the technology on projects as small as the restoration of individual houses in the country to the supply of 7,500 m2 of Flexbrick façade for a large multi-level carpark.